Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Has it seriously been 6 months??? Maybe in the next 6 i'll something exciting to blog about.......or maybe i'll atleast find the time to blog about the less exciting stuff?

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sunday, July 26, 2009

"Due West"

I don't even know what to say.....AWESOME! Me and Nichole had a blast at the concert, were the first in line for autographs and "the boys" even came and had their pictures taken with us they are so nice and sound amazing. We went and heard them play for the second time in a week Friday the 24Th at the American fork amphitheater, they were there playing with The Nashville Tribute Band, who are also amazing and very spiritually uplifting, in a country music kinda way, if you have never heard them play you are missing out! I LOVE THESE GUYS! I can't wait to see Due West again, you can hear their debut single on all the country radio stations it too is awesome!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

"What a difference a little sunshine makes!"

These are pictures of our garden at grandpa's house, I can't take much credit for the labor, but we are all reaping the rewards! These pictures were taken a coulpe weeks ago you should see it now!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

More Tiger Baseball

As a mother I am so proud! Who wouldn't be? Yes he is "adjusting" not performing A SUPER SECRET sign! (neither is the Tiger behind him?) Trevor said I should give him a break because "I have no idea what its like to wear a cup!" But it's pretty darn cute if you ask me!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mothers Day!

I can't begin to tell you how many times i thought about nominating my mom for mom of the year, or one of those crazy makeover shows or something like that so that everyone would know how much she was loved and appreciated by her family she was truly my Best Friend and always there when I needed her, When anyone needed her. I guess that should have been a good lesson on procrastination.....some of us never learn! I have been thinking about this for a long time and feel like I am being selfish because I haven't shared this with my brothers and sister and their families before. So for those who were not fortunate enough to be with us the day Grammy passed away, I know it sounds weird but...Here is the the events that led up to that weekend and final day from my point of view. The weekend started like any other camping/hunting trip...late. We left home a Little later than planned and so were a bit rushed trying to get to ferron before it was dark, and of coarse we made it in plenty of time to set up camp and get dinner before it got too late, we got the tent all set and trailer leveled and were going to get the bed set up in the tent for grandpa, he was sleeping in there with the portable oxygen tank and the craziest thing, we could not find grandpas cot, he preferred to sleep in the tent cause he didn't like that the bed in the 5th wheel was in such a tight spot it made him a little bit anxious i think? We looked everywhere and dad was positive it was on the trailer with the machines he put it there himself but it was no where to be found so he looked at mom and said Is it ok if I sleep with you? Of coarse it is she said and that was that. The next morning was opening morning of the elk hunt so Jamey, Tanner, Dad, Nichole and myself got up at the butt-crack of dawn to get ready and Mom and Charidee stayed back at camp to keep Jacobe Zachary and Haleigh in line, I'm not sure i ever thanked them, For the most part it was like every other trip relaxing and low-key of coarse we didn't see any Elk so on Sunday afternoon we drove down to Wrigley reservoir to catch some fish, I can't remember if we ever caught any fish or not but it was so much fun! Before we went fishing I felt bad about leaving mom and charidee with the little kids again so I stayed at camp that morning and the three of us sat around the campfire just talking and visiting and I remember Mom talking about each one of us kids, and how proud of us she was and our families and how different yet so much alike we all are. Ther was nothing to out of the ordinary. On Monday morning Oct. 9th we all woke up early again to go hunting but decided to have breakfast before we left so dad made us sausage and egg bagel sandwiches before we left, and on the mountain that morning everything was so quiet, and peaceful not much of anything going on...anywhere. after what seemed like hours grandpa finally came around the hill from where he had been napping...I mean hunting, and sat on the hill with me and Nichole built us a fire and we fixed a BBQ pork and rice MRE (meal ready to eat) which was delicious. Not long after that the clouds started moving in and we met up with Jamey and Tanner and decided to head back to camp for the morning, by the time we got up from out of the bottoms it had started to rain just a little bit, but about half way back it started to hail like i have never seen, or felt before we all took cover the best we could and grandpa put the pedal to the medal in the Rhino to get us back as fast a he could. We made it back all in one piece. We were all tired especially Grandpa and baby Haleigh so Grammy said why don't you lay up on he bed with peanut and have a nap, so while they did that we went to Jamey's trailer to play school house rummy. Mom stayed with the sleepy heads in the other trailer in case Haleigh woke up and she kept a radio so she could call me when she did, by this time it had started to snow, as we were sitting thee playing cards i kept getting anxious, I'm sure because of the weather it scares me to drive down the canyon in the snow and it was only a day or 2 before we left, I was praying it would stop...but it never did. I could not believe how long Hai had been sleeping i kept thinking she should be awake by now and tried to send Nicholle over to get her, because I am lazy, but Charidee stopped me and said no she said she would call when she woke up. This happened 3 or 4 times i kept trying to send her over and Charidee kept telling me no...Thanks by the way! A while later I'm not sure how long we were in the middle of a hand and all I remember is dads voice yelling my name, then Jameys...The sound I will never forget. We were both up and to the other trailer door before I knew what happened stil not sure what had happened, I got to the door and Jamey handed me Haleigh and told me to just stay out, I think Charidee came and got Hai from me and I ran to uncle Nolans trailer in case we needed help, He and Marie both went in and just a short minute later they came out. Marie just grabbed me around the neck and hugged me and just kept saying she was sorry, sorry for what? no one even said she was dead. I Finally got to go in and see my mom Just laying there like an angel sleeping so peaceful with her oxygen still on and Dad holding her hand not knowing what he was going to do with out her. Jamey was on his phone making arrangements for search and rescue, I remember him coming in the trailer and telling dad that they wouldn't be able to make it for a couple of hours, at this point there was about a foot of snow, because of the weather but we could drive down the canyon and meet them halfway if we was still holding moms hand and starting sobbing saying I am too afraid we will drop her in the snow I can't do that we'll wait as long as we need to for them to get here. I started calling just shortly after that, That is by far the hardest thing I have ever had to do, First I called Trent and then Abbie I honestly don't remember Much of the conversation Trent said he would call Jesse so I wouldn't have to. I will never ever regret those last few days I got to spend with Mom but mostly the hours I got to spend with dad it is hard to explain the feeling that was there the peacefulness and love, I guess just being so close to someone who has just passed through the veil The closeness I felt to my family even those of you who weren't there physically. Those few hours are ones i will treasure my entire life! Dad just kept saying he was meant to sleep those last nights with mom and that is why the cot was left home, because he wouldn't get another chance. And he was woke from a sound sleep from little Haleigh yelling just one time, enough to wake him up to let him know grandma was gone. The drive home without Mom was sooooo hard, but finally getting home to see everyone who was there waiting made it a lot better. I love each and every member of my family so much and am so grateful for the knowledge I have of the gospel and for the atonement that allows us to be with each other again, There is not a day that goes by that I don't miss Mom, it's the little things like the phone messages or bringing me a drink at work, even lunch at China Light. But I could not be prouder of the fact that she is My Mom and it gives me strength to try harder to be a better wife, mom and friend every day, I don't anticipate it being anytime soon but i can not wait until the day I get to see her again. She has always been more than just a Mom she is also my Hero!